Leeton's Sunrice Festival | Easter 2016

7 June 2016


Sunday morning started with a mass ascension from the grounds of St Francis De Sales Regional College.
What I LOVE ABOUT LEETON AND BALLOONING, it's casual and there is not the need to be out of the house at stupid o'clock as I would if I was in Canowindra at a balloon meet. AND IT'S WARM.....
Acting as crew this morning we were off and chasing Kevin & Megan. Kevin flies a hopper, and one day "sigh" he will take me in it, I'm sure ;)
My driver was local committee member Craig and lucky cause I don't know my way around and let's be honest as crew I kinda suck sometimes, too busy taking fotos...lol.


We won't mention there seems to be a reason why so many never fly that far over the range....and end up in the middle of no where....with fences and gates and no access....and no phone service either. Do you know how hard it is to find a balloon when it is on the ground.
Bonus ....got to have a bit of a look around Leeton and it's off the beaten tracks that one must use when ballooning.

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